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Want to Have a Slender Body?

Make Sure Your Body is Toxin Free

Author: Dr. Lin, C.C..

"People use quarter of what they eat to be alive. Doctor makes living by taking the advantages of the rest of three quarters"

People nowadays consume too much hydrocarbons, proteins and fats; but not enough of dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, lacking of exercises causes malnutrition, chronicle sicknesses and overweight. According to the estimates from the World Health Organization, there are over billion of people overweighed. Among them, three millions of them are obese.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States published their findings, covering the period from 2003 to 2004, on national health and nutrition, that 66% of American is overweight and obese. The annual medical expenses to deal with the obesity are in the range of hundred twenty billion dollars. In our country, with our economic success, we have excessive nutrition and they are miss-used. When coupled with lack of exercise, we have obesity problem as well. We need to be serious in facing this problem.

Obesity Is Due To Accumulated 'Toxin' In Our Body; More Poisons Mean More Serious Obesity Problems

Harmful substances are invading our body through air, water, food and our living environments. For instance, in our fast foods, there are cis-fatty acids, residual pesticides, chemical additives in the packaging materials, cigarettes, alcohols, prescription drugs, hair shampoo, deodorants, cosmetic products, gasoline, chlorinated products, household cleaners…. These harmful substances find their way entering our body and are accumulated in our body fats, interfering our body's proper functional operations.

When you are overweight, your body tends to have more fat; more fat, in turn, allows your body to accumulate more harmful substances, the toxins. The more harmful substances are accumulated in your body the slower functional responses your body can provide, resulting easier toxin deposits. Thus, the vicious cycle continues. By reducing fat in your body, you minimize the potential danger imposed by the accumulated harmful substances in your body. Without accumulated toxins your health can be improved, which in turn, means that you are obesity free.

I tried to define what the "toxins" are: Anything that is bad to our health is harmful substance and it is toxic. Let me elaborate the definition further.

1. By "anything", I mean it is not limited to personal well being, e.g. to human race. It also includes all other animals, plants or even our nature. Because, eventually, they all come back to haunt us.

2. By "health", I mean it is not limited to free of physical sickness. It is to have a healthy and harmonic relationship between our body, our mind and the environment surrounding us.

3. By "harmful", I mean more than those obvious toxic substances. Any substance that can directly or indirectly interfere the normal function or operation of our cells, organs and tissues is harmful to us.

4. By "substance", I mean any material substances and unstable moods (happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, sadness, shock, fear….), state of mind (greedy, hatred, resentment….), abnormal personality and character … They all can have bad impact on your health.

Active, Not Passive, Toxic Cleansing

Here are some examples on passive toxic cleansings: "Did you drink any water?" "No, I am not thirsty!" "Did you go to bath room yet?" "No, I don't have the need today." In fact, you should do that like a salaried janitor – when the time comes to do the cleaning, go ahead with the cleaning whether there is no trash to be emptied or place to be cleaned. Just go ahead actively doing trash emptying and mopping. You have to maintain your body free of toxin all the time and kept it in top health condition.

There are many direct or indirect cleansing processes. For instance:

1. Eating Healthily: Follow food pyramid rule; pay attention to nutrition; all food require enough chewing in the mouth; have smaller portion in each meal; thoroughly clean your food; have vegetarian food; take probiotics, enzymes, dietary fibers…

2. Discharge thoroughly: Include bowel movement, urination, sweating, breath, menopause, liver, bile, lymphatic…

3. Sleep soundly.

4. Live securely: Stay away from bright light, electricity, magnetic, heat….

5. Move actively: Body movement promotes growth and it is kinetic; mind movement is static.

6. Enjoy the life now: Do away the luxuries, enjoy the sacrifices; positive thinking; fragrant treatment; music treatment; color treatment…

Four Steps in Toxic Removal and Weight Reduction – Mixing Health in Weight Losing

1st Lesson: Clear the garbage deposited in the intestines People having "beer belly" or "fat belly" gives the impression that they are well-to-do or even scholastically knowledgeable. However, these "knowledge" are the stored fat under his belly skin. In fact, besides excessive fat in his abdomen cavity there are accumulated body wastes – stool stored there as well. The typical time for food to pass through our body (from the time it enters the mouth to the time it is digested in the intestines and discharged from our body) is about sixteen to seventeen hours. The normal bowel movement for an average person is once every day. It should be in brownish color, almost odorless and takes form like a sausage but will be disintegrated when soaked in water for one to two minutes. However, modern people are living in the tensed working environment and their eating habits are far from being healthy. Consequently, the constipation becomes norm to common people, resulting weight increases and poison accumulation in their body. The remedy to that is to extend the food chewing time while it is still in your mouth and eat more vegetables. In addition, drink enough water, take in more dietary fibers, enzymes and probiotics and do exercises religiously. Hopefully, you can have bowel movements one to two times in a day to clear out the accumulated garbage stool and toxins in the intestines. This is the most effective way for weight reduction.

2nd Lesson: Have a smaller portion in every meal and chew food extensively in your mouth. 1. Smaller food portion Archeologist found carved script on the tomb stone in an Egyptian pyramid, built around 3800 BC, "People use quarter of what they eat to be alive. Doctor makes his living by taking the advantages of the rest of three quarters". This script clearly told us that ancient people already realized the fact that when people eat too much, they will have extra calories in their body and that will lead to weight increases. In turn, overweight leads to sickness. When people are sick, they have to see doctors and thus creating business for doctors. Here are some steps to follow: i. Skip a meal. There is a saying, "One meal in a day is fine; two meals are just right; three meals seem too much; four meals will get you sick; and five meals in a day makes devil delight". Be aware to those who eat too much in a day – devil is laughing and waits for you getting sick so that he can take care of you. ii. Maintain about 70 to 80% full in each meal. It is better to be somewhat hungry than too full. Too much of un-used calories are no good to your health. iii. Have small portion in each meal but take many meals in a day. In Chinese Traditional Medicine, the "Rules in Health Cultivation", it stated, "The one who knows how to take care of his health will eat only if he is hungry and he eats moderately; he drinks only if he is thirsty, and does not drink excessively; and many meals but all in smaller quantity and never overeat". It means, "You need to control what you eat and drink; and make sure you eat in small quantity each time but many times in a day".

2. Chew your food many times before swallow it For every mouthful of food, you need to chew at least 30 to 50 times before let it go down your throat. Therefore, you need to have at least thirty minutes to finish one meal. When we spend time chewing our food in the mouth, we not only reduce the load imposed to our pancreas for secreting its digestive juice and increase our dining time but also speed up the absorption rate in digesting the food, thereby, promoting the early rise of glucose in our blood stream. The rise of glucose can make us feel that we have enough food and there is no more room for any additional. On the other hand, if we gobble down food in a hurry, food will not have time to be properly digested. The rise of glucose in the blood will be delayed and you will not have the full stomach sensation – you will continue to consume more food. India's Saint Mohandas Gandhi once said, "Drink your food and chew your water". He meant 'to liquefy the solid food then swallow it and to treat liquid as solid food that requires chewing, i.e. drink slowly'. These words have profound meaning and we need to think them over.

3rd Lesson: Detoxification in the liver. Our liver is located on the right side of our body, above the diaphragm. From the upper right corner of the abdomen cavity it extends to the left hand side of the abdomen. Adult's liver weighs 1.0 ~ 1.4 kg. It is the most important organ that manufactures nutrition for our body and is the center to process body waste. The process takes in two stages. At first, it converts the toxin, which is soluble only in fat and cannot be discharged, into water soluble chemicals, which are easily discharged through urination or bowel movement. Liver's job title is to complete the processes of detoxification and waste disposal. 1. First stage detoxification Enzyme P450 is used for its 'mixed function oxidase' property, i.e. its oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis capability, to change the character of substances. In other word, the reaction directly or indirectly modifies the solubility of toxins. Following table illustrates the detoxification effects from several P450 enzymes.


P450 Enzymes and Its Detoxification Effects

P450 Enzyme

Chemical Toxins

Sickness Due to Insufficient Enzyme


Cigarette, Auto exhaust gas, Grilled food

Lung cancer,

P4503A4 50%

Prescription drugs, Hormone

Prostate cancer, breast canser


Adrenaline, Sympathomimetic Stimulant

Nerve, Psychosis, Alcoholism


Superoxide Dismutase,

Aging, neurodegenerative diseases


(Glutathione S transferase) Organic solvent, Herbicide, Pesticide;
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Heavy Metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)

Chronicle fatigue syndromes; many kind of cancers


Heterocyclic aromatic amines from cigarette smoke and exhaust gas

Lung, intestine and bladder cancers

Liver's first stage of detoxification with P450 enzyme is based on nutrients including: enzymes, coenzymes or vitamins C, D, B2, B3, B6, B12, folate, glutathione transferase, short chain polypeptide, flavanoids, and lecithin. 2. Second stage detoxification During this stage of detoxification, the process is primarily through combining toxins. Molecules, dissociated from the first stage of detoxification process, are combined with the polarized hydrophilic molecules through the glucuronidation, sulfation, glycination, and glutathione conjugation processes. The process converts those lipophilic toxins into water soluble materials that can be easily discharged by urination or bowel movement. Major conjugation processes and their effectiveness are presented below.

Conjugation Process aTheir Effectiveness


Chemical Toxins

Sickness due to Insufficient Process


Organic solvent, Herbicide, Pesticide;
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons; Heavy Metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)

Chronicle fatigue syndromes; many kind of cancers


Benzoate, Salicylate



Nerve transmitter, Steroid Hormone, Certain Drugs, Environmental effects, Phenols

Environment induced sickness, Parkinson disease, motor neuron diseases, helping glucuronidation


Helping Sulfation or Glycination

Reduction of cell mitochondion

The harmful materials (free ridicules) introduced during the detoxification processes in stages one and two must be removed by anti-oxidants or nutrients, such as, Vitamins A, C, E, Selenium, copper, zinc, magnesium, co-enzymeQ10, sulfate, and bio-flavonoids. Now we see how our marvelous liver been taking care of our health with such an array of processes, we should really take good care of it. Here are three principles that we can adapt to look after its well being:

1. Minimize junk food – to reduce extra load for your liver

2. Have more nutrition food – to make your liver strong

3. Sleep early (according to Chinese traditional medicine, the peak of liver functional recovery stage is from 1:00 to 3:00am). Enough sleep also means your liver has enough rest. 4th Lesson: Exercise Exercise can get rid of fat and improve health. In fact, there are many kinds of exercises that can achieve detoxification, lipo-removal and health improvement.

Here we shall illustrate few simple ones:

1. Fast walk: Fast walk for thirty minutes, about five to six kilometers in an hour, five to six times a week. Fast walk is much easier than swimming and has been highly recommended by doctors. There are many positive benefits through fast waking: a. Weight reduction b. Help maintaining body weight c. Diabetic prevention d. Reduction in heart diseases e. Reduction the risk of stroke f. Improve osteoporosis condition g. Reduction the risk of cancer h. Minimizing the occurrence of depression

2. Squatting With eyes looking forward while standing straight and feet spread apart, try to squat down. When doing the squatting, your heels should stay touching the ground and your hands are between your legs initially, until you hands touch the ground at the end of squatting. After completely squat down, then, try to stand up. Your breathing cycle is – inhale while standing up and exhale when squatting down. Repeat the cycle of standing-squatting for fifty times.

3. Standing still and pat your shoulders with your palms Standing still with feet apart, same width as your shoulder. Your toes form a Chinese number eight character. Slightly bend your knees. Slightly curve your palm and fingers forming a cup shape to trap air. Swing your hands – while one palm is patting one side of the shoulder in front of you body, the other hand swing backward to pat your waist on your back. Your head should not move while doing shoulder/waist patting.

Your eyes gaze ahead and your body leans slightly forward and your belly slightly sucked in. Try to use your waist muscles for left and right swings. While your right palm reaches over to your left shoulder and in the meantime, try to let your chin touch your right shoulder. Remember, your head is remained still all the time. In sync with your right palm movement, your left palm swings backwards to pat your right back around waist area. Change palm swing direction – your left palm to pat your right shoulder and right palm to your left back waist. People nowadays all lack of exercise and stay behind the office desk too long. No wonder they tend to have beer belly. The improper sitting position further increases extra load that your waist must carry. This exercise, fixed head position, tucked in belly, and left/right swing and pat of shoulder/waist should be done from 100 to 200 times each time and preferably, three or four times a day. This exercise can greatly improve your blood circulation, promote sweating, deep breathing and burning extra calories. Moreover, it has the benefits of weight reduction and thigh muscles tightening effects. It is always easy said than done. It is even more difficult to persevere. But, so long you can maintain healthy eating habits and have regular bowel movements plus some exercises, it is easy to maintain a healthy and slender body without toxins nightmare and you can enjoy your good life.

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