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CBMSAA needs your sponsorship to provide free clinic and to conduct various programs. In the Information Area of our website, you will find many products that would help to improve the health your body, mind, and soul. The proceeds from sales of these products are donated to our organization to fund our operation.

You can also help us by making direct donation/contributions in the following way. We will issue formal tax-exempt receipts to you according to the Ministry of Interior Regulations. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Donation Method No. 1 : Debit from credit cards. Please download the Authorization Form (Attachment 13) and follow instructions.

Donation Method No. 2 : Cash donation.

Account Name:China Body Mind and Soul Advancement Association

Shih Hwa Bank, Soon-San Branch:
  Account Number: 03750-1218899

Postal Transfer – Account Number: 1972-4218

ATM Automatic Cash Transaction Machine